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Alana Dlubak

Designer: Alana Dlubak

Alana is a U.S. based artist known for her signature enamel pieces that are fun and colorful.

Old and New!
Alana's work bridges past and present by updating time-honored classics with an original vision of style. Blending the old craft technique of enameling with a new artistic spirit, her work is based on the simple philosophy of providing "balance" in a chaotic world. That’s what makes Alana’s jewelry so unique.

Alana Dlubak's enamel pendants are handmade and one-of-a-kind. In each series, she works with the same color palette in order to provide as close to replication as possible for her clients. However, like any original work of art, the application of colored glass cannot be exactly duplicated. Each piece is an original. Thus, a person wearing her jewelry is akin to a walking canvas.