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Located in Harajuku Tokyo, it is a home of ileava jewelry eclectic handmade designer jewelry from the U.S. & Japan


Melissa Contreras

Designer: Melissa Contreras

An illustrator and a jewelry designer for Axelhoney, Melissa Contreras is a U.S. based artist.

Melissa incorporates her illustration talent into creating her jewelry pieces, making her collections non-typical. Her jewelry pieces are as if they jumped out from her 2D illustration world and transformed into a fun wearable 3D art pieces.

Axelhoney is one word, which was partially her nickname called by her father-Missy Melissa Sue Anne Axel Honey Sugar Baby Anderson. Melissa had always dreamt of having her own brand and when she did, she wanted to have a unique name for it. Distinctive artworks and a unique brand name makes Axelhoney a complete reflection of Melissa Contreras.

"My mission is to inspire YOU to live a JOYFUL life filled with beauty, love and imagination."
Melissa wishes to spread her message of power of happiness through her artworks.