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Experience Jewelry Making in WaxWorkshop

You will be making a wax model in this workshop.
The wax model you make can be cast into silver jewelry.
This workshop is different from those where you follow a step by steps instruction to make the given subject. You will actually be making something you want to make.
This is an introductory workshop.
If you would like to dedicate more time, we recommend you to continue on to our “Workshop: Making Jewelry with Lost Wax Technique”.

If you are…

  • I love jewelry!
    Always wanted to experience what it is like to make jewelry.
  • Craft is my passion!
    I love taking classes in different creative fields.
  • I am interested in jewelry making.
    I’m taking this workshop in order to take “Making Jewelry with Lost Wax Technique”.
The next workshop is not yet scheduled due to staff shortage.
19:15~21:45 *The workshop is held after store is closed.
¥55,000 / person [+ cost to cast]
Requires a minimum of two participants.
ileava & co. Omotesando access
  • We will have all tools available for you to use.
  • We also have tools available for purchase.
  • It takes four business days to get your piece back from the foundry.

During the session

We will first give you a brief lecture on the process and the tools.

Please be prepared to to tell us what it is that you would like to make. It could be verbal, or you can bring in your sketches.
We will suggest the procedure accordingly.
Do not worry If you are not comfortable creating things from scratch, we will show you how to make basic shapes such as rings or ear cuffs.
We provide chain and findings as well if you are making necklaces or earrings.

We will answer questions and assist you any time.
You will prepare the wax model for the cast at the end of the session.
We will send it in to a professional foundry to cast.
You can pick up the finish piece within two weeks.
You do not have to turn in to cast at this time if you desire to continue on with another workshop or the monthly workshop “Making Jewelry with Lost Wax Technique”.

What is lost wax technique?

Lost wax is a type of casting technique that has been around for 6000 years.
By burying the wax model in plaster and let it evaporate in a kiln, it leaves with a negative space that is exactly the same shape as the wax model.
Melted metal is poured to produce an identical object in metal.
It is called “Lost wax” because you loose the original wax model once you go through this process.
You can make one metal piece from one wax model because plaster has to be destroyed in order for the metal to be extracted once the metal is set.
You make multiple wax model from molds when you want to make multiple pieces.

  • There will be additional cost to cast in silver. Depending on the size of your piece, it will cost around ¥4000, and the fee covers metal cost, casting fee and basic polishing fee.
  • We usually recommend people to practice with silver before casting in gold, but you may opt to cast in 18k gold.
  • We do not share information of our foundry, bench workers or vendors.
  • We do not assist violating copy rights.