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Making Jewelry
with Lost Wax Technique

This is a workshop where we make wax models of jewelry to cast.
Our goal is to create a space and share an environment where participants can inspire each other.
We are aiming to build a community consists with people who have respect as well as interest in art creation.

This workshop is different from those where you follow a step by steps instruction to make the given subject, but rather, each participants work on their own projects much like independent study or a science project.

This workshop is a place for you to explore your creative side. a place to get inspired or stimulated. Something you can not experience when you are working by yourself.

You can cast as many pieces as you would like, and of course, you don’t have to cast every single pieces you make either.

We will guide you through the process, but this is a hands on workshop, you will make the wax model and polish the cast pieces yourself.

If you are…

  • Graphic Designer
    Everything I make is trapped in the computer monitor. I want to create something tangible.
  • Graduated from Art School but…
    Sometimes I get this urge to use the part of the brain I used to use.
  • I want to become a jewelry designer
    I would like to be inspired and stimulated by spending time with a jewelry designer with 20 year experience.
The next workshop is not yet scheduled due to staff shortage.
19:15~20:45 *The workshop is held after store is closed.
Every 1st and 3rd Thursday. (When Thurs. is a national holiday, it will be held on the following weekday. No workshops are given in January, August and December.)
Experience Jewelry Making in Wax” is a prerequisite for this workshop.
ileava & co. Omotesando access
  • We will have all tools available for you to use.
    We also have tools available for purchase.

In this workshop:

You will spend most of your time making wax models. By making wax model making part of the design process, more problems become apparent and it becomes easier to find solutions compared to when you are designing just with pen and paper.

You will also prepare the model for casting, finalizing you metal piece by filing, sanding and polishing.

What is lost wax technique?

Lost wax is a type of casting technique that has been around for 6000 years.
By burying the wax model in plaster and let it evaporate in a kiln, it leaves with a negative space that is exactly the same shape as the wax model.
Melted metal is poured to produce an identical object in metal.
It is called “Lost wax” because you loose the original wax model once you go through this process.
You can make one metal piece from one wax model because plaster has to be destroyed in order for the metal to be extracted once the metal is set.
You make multiple wax model from molds when you want to make multipole pieces.

  • This workshop is geared towards people with creative background.
  • There will be additional cost, metal cost and casting fee, to cast in silver. Depending on the size of your piece, it will cost around ¥3000.
  • No soldering or setting is involved in this workshop, however, we do offer the services of our bench technician.
  • We do not share information of our foundry, bench workers or vendors.
  • We do not assist violating copy rights.