ileava & co.
Located in Harajuku Tokyo, it is a home of ileava jewelry eclectic handmade designer jewelry from the U.S. & Japan

Custom Jewelry

  • Looking for a perfect gift for someone special?
  • Looking for a specific design?
  • Looking for a one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry?

We can help bring your jewelry ideas to life!

Make an appointment with us and our in-house designer will help you bring your ideas together by hand sketching during a one-on-one consultation.

  • Please take a look at some of our previous works to see if the designs are along the lines of what you had in mind. All designers have different taste, therefore, the final product may result with a hint of ileava jewelry designer's taste.
  • Please note that we will not replicate or duplicate other designer or brand's work.

To Customers who cannot come to the store

We have been making custom jewelry via email with our clients all over the world.
We communicate through sketches, photos and videos of the stones, and the WAX models.
Please feel free to contact us.

about bringing in stones and metal

If you are looking for a jeweler to make something out of what you have, we might not be the right person.
If you like what we make and want us to incorporate what you have, please see below.

We do not actually use the metal you bring in. We will simply assist you to sell them for the market price.

Everything that comes from mother nature can break. Fortunately, we have never broken any stones provided by our clients in almost 20 years of business, however we would like you to understand that it could happen.

Custom Order Process

1 Inquiry | Reservation

Please use our Reservation Form to make an appointment with our designer.
Let us know if you have a special inquiry at this time.
We will prepare examples of designs and materials including stones.

about choosing stones

Choosing stones is oftentimes the starting point of the design process.
Rather than trying to sell you from our inventory, we like to provide you with more choices, from multiple sources using our network, that reflects our conversation in our initial consultation.

Reservation From

2 Consultation

Our designer/creator Maya will sketch while we discuss the design, as we look at many of our jewelry and materials.
This is when you will get answers to all of your questions about materials, process and budgets.
(It may take more than one meeting to finalize the design.)

3 Wax model

Usually in about a week, we make a 3D WAX model of what we have discussed in the design process.
It allows you to see the overall shape and size.

4 Confirming the design

We often make multiple WAX models for you to choose from. We can provide more accurate quote at this time.
Nothing is set in stone at this point, and the design is still adjustable.
We try our best to adjust the WAX model on the spot to keep the design conversation rolling.
We strive to make the piece you will be happy with,
so please do not hesitate to ask us to take our time on making another round of WAX models.

5 Final process

Once we choose the wax model you are happy with,
we ask for half or the full amount to proceed to actually make the piece in metal.

6 Finished

It usually takes 4~5 weeks to make the actual piece.
The remaining balance is due upon completion.

Make an appointment with us and our in-house designer will help you bring your ideas together by hand sketching during a one-on-one consultation.

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