ileava & co.

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Located in Harajuku Tokyo, it is a home of ileava jewelry + eclectic handmade designer jewelry from the U.S. & Japan

From the world where a teddy bear and his friends await to hug your finger, various elements are picked out to become ileava's jewelry.


What it means and the benefit of having a studio A studio within our store

Everything about ileava jewelry is handmade. Our store in Harajuku, Tokyo has handmade feel to it too.

We have our studio within our store, and our staff are not sales people but rather individuals who participate in the process of making jewelry.
We provide many hands-on services due to this unique environment.

  • Earrings to Clip-ons
  • Adjust the length of necklaces.
  • Adjusting ring size.
  • Custom designs including bridal rings.

Reason behind why a designer feature other desingersHow we select our featured designers

The moment you step into our boutique, with thousands of items, brings you an excitement you felt going into a candy store as a child.
From delicate gold and diamond jewelry to casual everyday pieces, ileava & co. is home to ileava jewelry and eclectic handmade jewelry made by 13 different designers from the U.S. and Japan. There are more than 500 jewelry pieces that are very unique and many are one-of-a-kind. Whether for yourself, birthday gifts, anniversaries, or other special occasions, ileava & co. offers great variety to choose from.

Jewelry Workshop

We now have a jewelry making workshop available at our store.
Wax curving is the most important process of jewelry making at ileava jewelry. It’s not just about making the model, but it is also a important design process.
We have a two-day introductory workshop as well as a monthly workshop where we provide a space for the participants to inspire each other, creat and learn new technique.

The wax model you make can be cast into silver jewelry.

if you were ever wondering how jewelry is made and want a creative outlet this may be for you.