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ileava’s bracelet worn by Meghan Markle on Suits

Ms. Meghan Markle

Everyone knows her by now–Meghan Markle. Now engaged to Prince Harry, she is an American actress who played a role as Rachel Zane in the U.S. TV series, SUITS.

If you haven’t watched SUITS, it is about a legal drama that take place in New York City.
We are so happy to announce that we absolutely loved her in the show and how great she looked in our bracelet with her different outfits!

If you’re interested in the show, SUITS is available on Netflix or hulu in Japan now. Also, you can check out ileava jewelry’s Arabesque 18K gold bar bracelet on her from season 4!

18K Arabesque Bar Bracelet

ileava's bracelet worn by Meghan Markle on Suits

A delicate line of Arabesque design bracelet in 18k gold

>> ile-a1B877G: ¥45000 +tax