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Engagement Rings from ileava jewelry

Engagement ring is a symbolism of love and a life-time commitment. Choosing a ring is one of the most important moments in your life. If you're looking for a custom made unique engament ring or one-of-a-kind ring, let us help you find a perfect ring.

Engagement Rings
Handmade Engagement Rings

At ileava jewelry, we believe that there are no real rules to finding your perfect engagement ring. Traditional or non-traditional, everyone is different and we believe that everyone should be wearing something that reflects their personality.

If you have been searching for that perfect ring and can't seem to find the one, or don't exactly know what you want, let us guide you through. From simple to unique alternative styles, at ileava, we have a great selection of engagement rings to choose from.

Choosing Your Engagement Ring

Define her style
It is absolutely normal to get overwhelmed when you start looking for that perfect engagement ring. There are so many rings out there to choose from. From a simple brilliant cut diamond ring to a ring with bold designs, which we sometimes refer them as "alternative engagement rings"– pieces that are unique and very modern and not a typical ring that you would distinguish as engagement rings.
The first tip is you may want to start from analyzing the lifestyle of your fiancé-to-be. We suggest you to go on a casual shopping together to different jewelry stores to study her taste. Does she like diamonds? Round cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, oval diamonds, marquise diamond... etc. to name a few, diamonds come in different sizes and shapes. What does she prefer? Or is she a more subtle type? A smaller diamond with a simple band, the better type?
The width of the ring is probably the most important part when choosing a ring, as the more width the ring has, the more time it takes for you to get comfortable.
From the beginning to the end, our designer always take into account that all rings are comfortable when worn, physically putting it on her fingers many times through out the production to check for any uncomfortable edges.
Feel free to ask us questions!
From frequently asked questions to testimonials, we share as much information as possible that may be useful on our website, however, you may have other questions because for most people, finding a engagement ring may be your first time and have no clue where to start! Book an appointment with us and our designer will guide you through and she will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Order Process

Once you book an appointment at our store in Harajuku / Omotesando, we will have a small talk at the store so we can get to know you a little better and grasp your preference. We have a wide selection of engagement rings in the showcase from a non-traditional water design ring to simple classic bands to curvy arabesque design bands.
After you have chosen your design, you have an option to leave it as it is or personalizing it.
Wax (Model) Carving
There are many different methods in jewelry making. At ileava jewelry, we use the lost wax technique, requiring to create the hand-sketched jewelry design in wax. When requested, for bridal and custom made pieces, we present our clients the wax model during the procedure. This helps our clients get a better idea of what their vision will look like once in the wearable form. The greatness of this technique allows us to modify at any point of time when it is still in the wax form.
In Metal
Once you are happy with the design, the wax gets casted into the metal of your choice.
The wax is set inside a steel flask and covered with plaster investment. Then the flask is put into a kiln to burn out the wax. Molten metal gets poured into the void left behind in the plaster.
This process results in a metal shape that is identical in shape to the wax.
Metal is more suitable media than wax for more detail work–fine engraving, filing, stretching material, bending...etc. Using various tools, chemicals and heat, in the final process, the piece gets polished and washed to become a finished ring.

Bridal Collection

ileava jewelry's Simple Engagement Rings

Simple design with a modern taste These are some of ileava jewelry's simple yet modern designs.

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ileava jewelry's Alternative Engagement Rings

Designs that are unique and express individuality These are some of ileava jewlery's unique and alternative designs.

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Finding an engagement ring for that special someone...

I like the design, but...

  • The diamond size is not to my expectation
  • The diamond cut doesn't quite reflect her style. Would there be any other options?
  • I like the design but I want it to be a halo ring
  • Instead of a diamond, I would like a gemstone in the setting

are some examples of the options we may personalize the design to.

All engagement rings from ileava jewelry's Bridal Collection are customizable.

You can mix and match the oprions below to personalize them.

  • Metal selection[18k Gold or Pt900]
  • Color of gold[Yellow, Rose (Pink), White, Black (Add'l charge)]
  • Choose a diamond or other precious or semi-precious stone (Add'l charge)
  • Adding diamond(s) or other precious or semi-precious stone(s) (Add'l charge)
  • Engrave messages
  • Customize the thickness (Add'l charge may apply)
  • Customize the design (Add'l charge may apply)

One-of-a-kind Engagement Ring

A design that is truly yours

The initial idea may be vague. By looking at many pieces of jewelry and talking to our in-house designer, you will experience that vague vision become a solid design.

  • Diamond or other precious and semi-precious stone can be the starting point of the design.
  • You can start by coming up with a "theme", "concept", "keyword" or even a basic shape.

Even if it is very vague...
We recommend you to consider making a one-of-a-kind engagement ring if any of the followings apply.

  • You have a clear design idea in mind
  • You want a ring that no one else has
  • You want a dramatic proposal with a very special ring
  • You want to take part of the ring making process
Order Process
Make an appointment with us and our in-house designer will help you bring your ideas together by hand sketching during a one-on-one consultation.

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