ileava & co.
Located in Harajuku Tokyo, it is a home of ileava jewelry eclectic handmade designer jewelry from the U.S. & Japan

A list of Frequently Asked Question about jewelry in general.

Will sterling silver tarnish?
Yes, silver will tarnish over time. However, the beauty of precious metal is with proper maintenance, it will always shine again.
With proper care, jewelry can last more than a lifetime.
You may always bring back to us for a maintenance.
I have a jewelry allergy...
Allergy is a very complicated matter.
There are a very small number of people who show allergic reactions to precious metals. The metals we use at ileava jewelry are sterling silver 925, 18k, 14k, 10k gold and Pt900. These only contain platinum, gold, silver, copper and palladium in Pt900.
People react to different metals and if you're not sure what you are allergic to, we recommend you to get tested at the doctors or try wearing a piece for a short period of time to see if you have a reaction.

We offer following services for people who have allergeies.
・Changing silver chain to leather cord (additional charge may apply).
・Changing ear-wire on earrings to ones made in titanium.
I want to suprise my girl friend with a ring, but I don't know her size...
Some people come to us saying they have measured their significant other's finger using a string while they were asleep.
You have to keep in mind two things when measuring ring sizes.
・Size of the second joint = For most people this is the thickest part of their finger. This decides whether the ring will fit or not.
・Size of the finger = This actually decides wether or not its comfortable while wearing the ring.
Every finger is unique. We suggest the followings when you are planning a surprise.
・Ask a friend to find out the size.
・Casually suggest to get him/her finger measured while shopping.
・If she already has a ring, measure the inner diameter of the ring. You might also try it on your finger and a get a feel of it. Sometimes you want a smaller size for a thin ring and larger size for a thick ring.
For one-time only, we can exchange the ring with a different size if it's not worn. Made-to-order item will be re-sized, however, please note that due to the designs, for some of the made-to-oder items or the custom made items, we will not be able to re-size.
Do you carry clip-on earrings?
We have clip-on earrings on display as well as pierced earrings. A lot of our earrings on display can be replaced with clip-ons on the spot. Please consult with us.