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Moca Arpeggio

Tomoka Ishikawa

Designer: Tomoka Ishikawa

Moca Arpeggio is a jewelry brand based in Tokyo, Japan.

Designed by Tomoko Ishikawa, Moca Arpeggio is all about unique creations and detailed designs. “Feminine, delicate, elegant” are the key concept terms Ishikawa keeps in mind when making her jewelries.

Arpeggio is a musical terminology, defined as to play the notes in a chord in sequence. The original term comes from “arpeggiare” in Italian, which means to play the harp.
Just like how arpeggio make changes in the notes, Ishikawa wishes the wearers to enjoy every moment and appreciate the changes occurring in everyday life.

Moca arpeggio's collection of blow glass ornament pieces with colorful feathers are her signature work.