ileava & co.
Located in Harajuku Tokyo, it is a home of ileava jewelry eclectic handmade designer jewelry from the U.S. & Japan
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ileava & co. Happy 7th Anniversary

ileava & co. Happy 7th Anniversary

ileava & co. Happy 7th Anniversary

3/28 marks ileava & co.’s 7th anniversary!
We welcome you to join us for our special store event from 3/26~28!

☆One of a kind Fair
We are adding new items to some of our existing collections as well.
☆Gift with purchase!
Receive our new Travel Jewelry Case when you purchase over ¥50,000 either at our Tokyo store or online.

ileava jewelry official online store 〉

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t see what you want on our online store.

Travel Jewelry Case

☆New: Travel Jewelry Case ¥12,000(+tax)
We finally have Maya’s ideal Jewelry Case, a collaboration with “Coquette”, a bag brand.
New arrival

We appreciate your cooperation while we are still following precautionary guidelines at our Tokyo store.
*We assist customers with appointments first, and limit the number of customers to 3 people at any given time.

ileava & co.